natural  ingredients


      Natural vegetable protein


      Natural medical herbs


      Vegetable omega-3

             silicon  free 

                 ph balance


               Removal of toxin


        Relief of inflammation


  Received a government award

Natural mature aqua mineral

 made in Korea (


        hair spa for

        hair repair and scalp detox

  • 페이스 북 사회 아이콘
  • 인스 타 그램 사회 아이콘
  • 유튜브 사회 아이콘
scalp shampoo
repair hair damaged hair
hair growth shampoo
240ml $55
hair tonic
hair growth hair tonic
80ml $75
Hair Tonic
Home care set
head spa toronto
scalp care toronto
home care set
3 items $93
Scalp shampoo
Natural Herbal Shampoo
Silicon Free
Ph balanced
made in korea
500ml $33
Hair Treatment Mask Pack
natural proteins
-wheat, corn, soy
amino acids
-baobab seed extract
quickly repair
damaged hair
40 kinds of herbal
make a healthy hair
natural herbal color
made in korea
500ml $33
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