natural  ingredients


      Natural vegetable protein


      Natural medical herbs


      Vegetable omega-3

             silicon  free 

                 ph balance


               Removal of toxin


        Relief of inflammation


  Received a government award

Natural mature aqua mineral

 made in Korea (


        hair spa for

        hair repair and scalp detox

deep cleanser
remove make-up.
massage cream.
made in Korea
heren head spa
foam cleanser
moisture cleanser
made in korea
peeling gel
remove dead skin cell
brightening care
pore care
heren head spa
peel off mask
made in korea.
heren head spa
atomy evening care set
home spa set
made in korea
heren head spa
Synergy Ample - Baby NMF Complex
Synergy Ample - Baby NMF Complex
Synergy Ample- gold 600ppm
Synergy Ample- brightening code 300000pp
Synergy Ample - moisture & elasticity
De - Aging Care, Synergy Ample
Home care set
head spa toronto
scalp care toronto
home care set
3 items $93
Scalp shampoo
Natural Herbal Shampoo
Silicon Free
Ph balanced
made in korea
500ml $33
Hair Treatment Mask Pack
natural proteins
-wheat, corn, soy
amino acids
-baobab seed extract
quickly repair
damaged hair
40 kinds of herbal
make a healthy hair
natural herbal color
made in korea
500ml $33
hair tonic
hair growth care
natural herb
made in koorea
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